Sonoma – Granite Engineered Cork Plank Flooring Width 5 1/2in x 48in x 13/32in Thickness





Engineered Cork plank flooring featuring the beauty and benefits of Natural Cork. Bring this product of nature into your home and experience the inviting calmness, comfort, warmth, and quietness that this flooring brings to any setting. Durable and impact resistant, Natural Cork is also naturally hypo-allergenic , mold and mildew resistant, and anti-microbial / anti-bacterial. Easy to install with CorkLoc glueless floating installation.

Environmentally sustainable- Natural Cork’s bark harvesting process is performed by craftsmen every nine years with hand axes never harming the tree prolonging the tree’s life often for more than 200 years.

Product # Thickness Width Length Finish Installation

HC2000 13/32″ 5.5″ 48″ Ceramic CorkLoc with FoldDown