Vinyl Flooring New Orleans

Timeless, elegant, unique. Nothing gives a space that warm, comfortable feeling quite like a beautiful vinyl floor.

Are you considering getting a vinyl floor?

Vinyl will give your home a rich look at an affordable price. It’s also a versatile material that you can use to mimic other types of flooring materials. These are the advantages and disadvantages of using vinyl for your floor:

The Advantages Of Vinyl Flooring


Its costs: Vinyl is one of the least expensive flooring materials.


Low maintenance: Vinyl floors are dust- and water-resistant. That’s why occasionally using a vacuum cleaner and a mop will be enough to clean it.


Durability: Vinyl is a strong, durable material. Generally, you can expect a vinyl floor to last about 15 to 20 years if you properly maintain it.


A wide variety of options: Vinyl floors come in a wide variety of patterns, colors and styles. You can use it to mimic other types of flooring. That’s why it can be used for many different objectives.

The Disadvantages Of Vinyl Flooring


Difficult to remove: Vinyl floors are difficult to remove after installation.


Difficult to repair: Once the vinyl is damaged there’s not much you can do to get it repaired. This means you’ll have to fully replace it to fix the problem.


Not environmental friendly: In most cases, vinyl can’t be recycled. It also uses a lot of natural resources to be made.


Prone to damage: Vinyl floors are more prone to damage than other types of materials. When you drop something on it the surface can be gauged. Moving furniture can also be a problem because it can scratch the surface.


Doesn’t increase the value of your home: If you’re planning on selling your home, vinyl is not the best option. Unlike a hardwood floor, a vinyl floor does not increase the resale value of your home.

Vinyl Flooring Installation
New Orleans

Vinyl floors are tricky to install but you don’t need any expensive equipment because of its assembling system. It’s important to have a dry, even subfloor before you begin the installation. If anything is uneven before you begin it will result in bumps and uneven places.

In most cases, the best subfloor is a layer of plywood. It can also be done with concrete, but there is a higher chance of uneven places. We do not recommend you lay vinyl on top of other vinyl. This is because the texture of the old floor might show through the new one.

While you can install vinyl tiles by yourself, sheet vinyl is a lot harder to do. That’s why, in most cases, we recommend you hire us to achieve a perfect, even look.

The Costs Of Vinyl Flooring

  • Sheet Vinyl costs: The average costs of sheet vinyl is between $0.50- $2 per square foot
  • LVP Vinyl costs: The average costs of LVP vinyl is between $2.50 – $5 per square foot
  • LVT Vinyl costs: The average costs of LVT vinyl is between $10 – $13 per foot
  • Installment costs: Installing a vinyl floor will cost you around $7 per square foot.
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GNO Custom Quality Flooring LLC is a locally owned and operated company out of New Orleans, LA. We provide high-quality flooring installations, repairs & sales to homeowners in the greater New Orleans area. Our customers benefit by hiring a company with over 20 years of experience.

Floor Installation New Orleans

Installing a floor is a complicated process and mistakes are easily made. We have the expertise to install your floor properly, regardless of the material used. We also provide guidance to homeowners based on our customers needs.


Floor Repair New Orleans

Has your floor seen better days? Does it have cracks, stains or a different type of damage that’s frustrating you? We can professionally restore your floor at a competitive price.


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Are you planning to install your floor yourself and need materials? We have a diverse collection of high-quality materials you can choose from: Tile, Laminate, Wood, Carpet, Vinyl, Bamboo & Cork.


❝ Me and my wife had just moved to New Orleans and needed a new floor. We were hoping to get some advice because we weren’t sure what type of material to use. Travis really took his time with us by thoroughly explaining the pros and cons of each material. This made us decide to hire him. Before he started working on the floor, he gave us a scope of work that contained everything that was important to know. The work ended up being done in less time than we initially expected. But most importantly, we couldn’t be happier with the result! Hiring Travis made us feel right at home in New Orleans. Thanks again Travis. ❞

- Lisa Lux

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- Lisa Lux

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